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Begins shipping NOV. 1st 2016

Fits iPhone and Samsung Galaxy! MADE IN USA
* Fits iPhone 6, 6s, 6+,6s+ and Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Note 7. Choose device model below.
** View the video below for kit assembly and installation instructions.
*** Fabrication skills are required to install this kit. 

Kit assembly required.
- glue layers together using wood glue
- graft to your dash using epoxy
- smooth and shape surface using body filler
- primer then paint

This is a pre-order. There will be no refund for pre-orders

Begins shipping NOV. 1st 2016

Our PATENTED kits are the number one choice among the custom car audio community.
- These kits are designed to be grafted into the dash panel of your vehicle. 
- You can then play audio through your vehicle's speakers by pairing the iPad to your OEM or aftermarket bluetooth audio head unit.
- Advanced audio enthusiasts may also prefer to pair the iPad to an "audio processor" with bluetooth capabilities (such as the Rockford Fosgate 360.3 or Mosconi 6to8).

The phone docks into the kit securely holding the device into the dash via a combination of an overlapping bezel, and a mounted charging connector (not included). Mount the device connector into the kit and connect to a vehicle charger that turns on with your key. 
** Kit assembly required.
*** Smart phone sold separatly

Each kit includes
- A CNC cut ABS two sided smart phone dock
- One pre-cut suede backing

Reference the video below for kit assembly instructions and installation tips.

Contact a Certified SOUNDMAN Dash Modder if you would like to have one of our tablet dash kits professionally installed into your vehicle's dash panel.

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